Kamis, 06 Januari 2011

“The Adam Couple” splits and speaks on their breakup

2AM’s jo Kwon and Ga-In of Brown Eyed Girls (BEG) have been in their fictional marriage for over A year now on the popular show MBC “We Got Married“. Unfortunately, the “Adam couple” are recording their last episode together on the show. The two managed to become the longest-running couple on the reality show.

The couple wrote today to their fans, “Over the last year and three months, we made unforgettable memories, and treated each other with genuine and honest hearts. We think that showed through, and that’s why we earned so much love. We are so happy and thankful that we got to share our memories with all of you guys. ^^ Happy New Year.”

They concluded with, “Please look forward to Ga-In and Jo Kwon’s future plans~^^ Thank you for all the messages you sent through Adam’s me2. We will also end our me2DAY and save it as a memory..^^ Thank you.”

Jo Kwon and Ga-In have been through a lot on the variety show with many tears followed by laughter in their many missions, where they became one of the most beloved couples. How do you feel about this end to their reality show marriage?

Source: Star News and 4-everlastings


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