Senin, 10 Januari 2011

The Most Popular Korean Drama “Playful Kiss ” Tops The List

Korean Entertainment News Wire wonderful pink channel after channel of hot run with the 2010 hit drama “My girlfriend is Gumiho “,”Playful Kiss”and” bad guy”, “Fugitive Plan B, “Dong Yi “, “Sungkyunkwan scandal “,” oh! My Lady “,” Secret Garden “by the majority of Korean TV dramas, and many fans love and pursuit. In this regard, pink screen TV channel carefully planned the “idol 2010Award ” voting. Actively and enthusiastically by fans voting, and finally produced a “Most Popular Drama, “the ranking list. “Playful Kiss, ” topped by 23,097,915 votes in the results list.

Kim Hyun Joong regain topped the list with the audience recognized !! JYJ Hyun Bin need to effort.

As at 14:00 on January 6, 2011, “the most popular Korean drama.
The top three are Playful kiss (No.1) “Prosecuter Princess came in second” “Queen Riversal ” won the third place.One and the second place got more than a million votes. Can be said to throw off a lot of third overall.

“Playful Kiss “,”Prosecuter Princess ” even to the tens of millions of votes! visible “Playful kiss “”,” Prosecuter Princess, ” the popularity of the deep! In addition, the “Secret Garden” , “Sungkyunkwan scandal “,”Mary stayed out all night” the followed by these three Korean drama , although the number of votes is not ideal, but in fact no matter how many votes, each play has its own characteristics and attractions , Are very popular!


English Translation: @leaderhyunjoong via twitter


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