Selasa, 11 Januari 2011

Seul Ong Went on a Blind Date With Jae Kyung Who Did Not Shower For 2 Weeks

2AM Seul Ong revealed, “I have tried my first ever one-on-one blind date.”

Seul Ong were put on an one-on-one blind date at the latest MBC comedy show “First Time In My Life”.

During the blind date between Seul Ong and Rainbow’s Jae Kyung, he looked nervous and said, “This is my first blind date.”

But right after the blind date began Jae Kyung started scratching her back. She said, “We haven’t paid our water bill so I can’t take a shower for two weeks. Please scratch my back.” And left Seul Ong flabbergasted.

On their blind dates, Jo Kwon, Jin Woon, Chang Min each met up with a girl who licked her bowl clean, a girl who peeled a prawn with her hand that she just used to touch her foot, and a girl who cleaned her mouth with a tissue that she just used to clean her nose.

The show will be aired on January 12.

TRANSLATION by suzelle@IAMfor2AM – 2AM International Forum


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