Minggu, 17 April 2011

new posting kk~

udah lama ngga ngeblog, eh tiba2 muncul banyak emoticon
kaga ngerti juga deh ahahaha

kabar baiiiiiik...!
ada MV baru dari superjunior K.R.Y judulnya Fly!

(bisa di klik buat liat beritanya)

siapa yg suka liat WGM?
OH MY..... (darling I love you hahaha)
Goguma's couple (CN Blue yonghwa- SNSD seohyun) udahan ya?

Pas terakhirnya Yonghwa ngasih gitar pink yang waktu itu Seohyun pengen itu..
mmm T____T
banyak deh yang pengen di ceritain tapi males, liat sendiri aja ya hahaha peace


Sabtu, 19 Februari 2011

Stat (iseng2 :D)

saya merasa bosan dengan blog baru saya :((
STATnya jelek, mungkin karena blog baru (?) :/

Jumat, 18 Februari 2011

Elle Magazine Interview-Key

Q: what is the first thing you do when you wake up?
A: first i check my cellphone. and then drink a nice cup of tea, turn on my ipod and take a shower while listening to music

Q: how would you like your egg cooked? pan fry, half-boiled, or fried?
A: it must be pan fried

Q: which part of your body are you most confident? which part do you feel bad about?
A: i like my eyes the most. although i don’t dislike my looks, but i think i feel bad in every part of it

Q: vaulting horse jumping, ……(some exercise idk) and sit ups, which one are you most confident in?
A: vaulting horse

Q: amerciano, latte, or frappucino?
A: americano, i need to drink it everyday

Q: laundry, cooking, dishes, cleaning, which do you hate doing the most?
A: laundry. i like to do the rest

Q: coffee, chocolate, hamburger, the internet; which one is the most difficult to quit?
A: coffee

Q: which spot do you like to sit in at the cinema? and on the plane?
A: in the middle towards the back in the cinema, by the windows on the plane

Q: how much time do you spend getting dressed every morning? how do you pick the clothes and shoes to wear each day?
A: i will prepare the night before, so i do not spend too much time in the morning. as to what to wear, i choose according to the place i am going, and the things i am doing in that day

Q: where do you spend the most amount of money on? (fashion items)
A: accessories, bags, teeshirts

Q: which stage outfit do you like the most?
A: the concept changes each time, it’s tough to decide on one

Q: backpack, cross bag, shoulder bag, or tote bag, which one do you like the most?
A: backpacks, and also cross bag

Q: how do you express yourself with the bag you carry?
A: match it with a nice outfit

Q: what do you usually have in your bag?
A: ipad, diary, ipod, batteries, charger, toothbrush, hand cream

Q: what are your most and least favorite subjects in school?
A: english is my favorite. i hate math

Q: when you have a girlfriend, what do you want to give to her the most? flowers, clothes, or ring?
A: i will personally pick out clothes for her

Q: a girl like a puppy, or a girl like a kitten, which one do you prefer?
A: a girl who is like a kitten

Q: when you can buy a car, would you get a sports car or a luxury car?
A: sports car

Q: which city left the deepest impression in you? and which is the next city you MUST visit
A: first impression.. Tokyo. i want to go to London

Q: a recent movie, book, or album, which one will you recommend to our readers?
A: Nicki Minaj’s Moment 4 Life

Q: what do you want to add in the name “SHINee” the most?
A: contemporary band

Q: at SHINee’s 1st concert, what was most memorable?
A: during encore when i cried

Q: which SHINee’s song do you find yourself humming to nowadays?
A: electric heart, quasimodo

Q: if the members have to switch bodies, who would you pick?
A: Minho! i am not good at sports, i wanna know how it feels like to be good at it

Q: do you feel excited or frustrated on your birthday? are you an adult, or going to be one, or do not wish to be one?
A: very excited! when it’s my birthday, i will approach my friends and say “it’s my birthday!!!” regarding coming of age, i neither like nor dislike it

Q: recently who do you say “i love you” to?
A: family and friends

Q: what are you most passionate about recently?
A: drawing, singing

Q: please choose 3 words to describe yourself
A: extraordinary, very “key”, and sharp

bonus foto : (jadul)

Elle Magazine Interview-Taemin

Q: what is the first thing you do when you wake up?
A: look at the time on my phone and then take a shower

Q: how would you like your egg cooked? stir fry, half-boiled, or fried?
A: half-boiled

Q: which part of yourself do you look at in the mirror?
A: eyeballs! stare into the mirror and hypnotize myself

Q: vaulting horse jumping, ……(some exercise idk) and sit ups, which one are you most confident in?
A: vaulting horse, i am confident that i can hang onto it for a long time in the air

Q: soccer or basketball?
A: soccer. i liked it since i was young. my favorite player is Cristiano Ronaldo!

Q: amerciano, latte, or frappucino?
A: americano if i have to pick. i don’t exactly like drinking it.

Q: laundry, cooking, dishes, cleaning, which do you hate doing the most?
A: laundry

Q: which spot do you like to sit in at the cinema? and on the plane?
A: in the middle in the cinema, by the windows on the plane

Q: how much time do you spend getting dressed every morning? how do you pick the clothes and shoes to wear each day?
A: i wear what i see. so usually i only take 5minutes

Q: where do you spend the most amount of money on? (fashion items)
A: i like jackets, outerwear, and pants

Q: which stage outfit do you like the most?
A: i like my outfit in “Lucifer” MV, the ripped vest and black skinny pants

Q: backpack, cross bag, shoulder bag, or tote bag, which one do you like the most?
A: backpack for school, cross bag when i go out

Q: what kind of bag is your style?
A: a bag that contains sufficient amount of things. not too full and not too empty

Q: what do you usually have in your bag?
A: mp3, toothbrush, toothpaste, wallet

Q: what are your most and least favorite subjects in school?
A: physical education is my favorite. social studies is my least favorite

Q: when you have a girlfriend, what do you want to give to her the most? flowers, clothes, or ring?
A: hide a ring inside a bouquet of flowers

Q: a girl like a puppy, or a girl like a kitten, which one do you prefer?
A: a girl who is like a kitten

Q: when you can buy a car, would you get a sports car or a luxury car?
A: although i am tempted to get both, i would buy a luxury car first

Q: no matter when, which city do you wish to visit the most?
A: wish to go to Paris which i have only seen on pictures

Q: a recent movie, book, or album, which one will you recommend to our readers?
A: “Secret”. it’s a book that will benefit everyone

Q: what do you want to add in the name “SHINee” the most?
A: “idols that can be developed” SHINee

Q: what is your most memorable memory?
A: the moments when i can move my body along to the music without restrictions

Q: which SHINee’s song do you find yourself humming to nowadays?
A: Lucifer. that song changes alot

Q: which member makes you laugh the most?
A: Onew hyung. his gag is really funny

Q: if the members have to switch bodies, who would you pick?
A: this is a difficult question

Q: do you feel excited or frustrated on your birthday? are you an adult, or going to be one, or do not wish to be one?
A: when my birthday is approaching i feel worried. it is as if time passes too quickly. i do not wish to become an adult

Q: recently who do you say “i love you” to?
A: Eve and Adam, my puppies

Q: what do you wish to accomplish the most?
A: accumulate many valuable experiences, chat with friends, and work hard towards the goals i set for myself

Q: please choose 3 words to describe yourself
A: determination, student, red? that’s all i can think of

bonus foto : (jadul)

Senin, 14 Februari 2011

hijrah ke.. (london?)

ooh tidak bisaaaaa haha

aku ganti blog :D

yang ma follow juga boleh, follow back kok haha


Jumat, 11 Februari 2011

hello :)

heihei aku menemukan sesuatu di bulan februari yang identik dg cinta
[klik here]
hehe itu blog temen sebangku aku :)
akhir2 ini aku seneng ngejailin si alfa dengan teriakan geje kayak onew di HB ep1 gtw 2 haha #lupa

bicara tg februari biasanya bicara tg valentine
setuju sama valentine?
saya sih enggak, tergantung anda menyikapinya :)
menurut saya RUGI banget kalo hari kasih sayang cuma satu hari
perbandingannya 1:364
kecil banget kan?

okay sebenernya skg saya ngga akan ngebahas tg valentine, jadi skip aja ya :)

hari ini saya senaaaaang :p
bukan karena saya bisa ngerjain soal matematika yang susah tadi (sebenernya ngga susah juga sih, sst rahasia kita berdua ok? :p)
bukan karena ulangan B.Indonesia yang kagak nnyain lagi 'Dialog diatas adalah karya...' (mana gue tau =,= Penting ngapalin setiap dialog karyanya siapa?)
bukan karena aku ngerjain PR fisika jadi kagak dihukum (sebenernya hukumannya cuma disuruh angkat tangan doang, dan PRnya jga cuma 1 soal haha)
bukan karena hari ini ... (apa ya?)

pokonya seneng aja
ngga tau aku juga kenapa hahahaha

eh ternyata Taemin suka lupa nyimpen HP dimana hahahaha
Taemin... apa kita jodoh?
#plak digampar istri2nya Taemin (suaminya Taemin?)

eh pernang liat kan videonya SHINee tg Pesan untuk “istri masa depan SHINee”?
“Sudah 300 hari sejak pernikahan kita. Waktu berlalu dengan sangat cepat bukan? Marilah kita melanjutkan hidup dengan penuh kebahagiaan selamanya. Dan… Uhm… Semoga kita punya anak-anak laki-laki.. Dan punya banyak anak perempuan juga. Ayo kita buat keluarga yang bahagia. Sayang, aku mencintaimu.”
waaaa Taemin XDDDDDD

tuhkan suka lagi sama Taemin!
katanya mau berpaling ke Kyuhyun?!
haha #geje
sudahlah akhiri saja sampain disini XDDD

babay! ^^


Rabu, 09 Februari 2011

tugas olahraga

karna hari sabtu aku sakit jadi ngga renang
karna aku ngga renang jadi aku harus bikin makalah
karna aku harus bikin makalah jadi aku searching
dan malah liat ini:

hello :)

senin 7 feb 2011
aku : kemarin aku belajar kimia loh tapi dikit. soalnya kamis ulangannya 3, b.sunda, bahasa jerman sama kimia!
alfa : bukannya bahasa sunda hari rabu?
aku : oh udah ganti?
alfa : dari dulu juga hari rabu =,=

begitulah saya kalo kalah XDDD
dan ternyata hari ini ulangannya saudara2!
dan tadi saya rada bisa ngerjadinnya haha
apa pula itu yg nanyain silsilah wayang2an, sudah aku bilang itu aku pasti ngga bisa..
kenapa masih dimasukin soalnya?!

yasudalah :p

dan kemarin aku malah nonton dvdnya kakak aku, Coffee Prince
haha rada villagers karna saya baru nonton XD
soalnya pas ada di TV aku tuh lagi sibuk sama UN, les, dll jadi ajaaaa..

hari ini malah googling tg Kyuhyun..
kapan aku ngapalin???
hhhhh babo =,=

[klik ini] , [ini juga ya], [ini juga deh]

Sabtu, 05 Februari 2011


Nan nan nananana nanana
Nanan nanana nanan nananna

#suju - sorry sorry answear :)
#suju Kyuhyun - Hope Is A Dream That Doesn't Sleep (Baker King OST)

besok seni rupa!
tugas sketsa udah bikin sih cuma belom aku pindahin ke sketchbooknya
bagus loh gambaran aku haha #pede

ntar aku scan lagi hahaha

#belajar kimia buat ulangan hari kamis
hari kamis ulangan : b.sunda, deutsch, kimia
dan TOEIC pasti mah test listening lagi
awas aja kalo b.ingg ulangan jg hahaha

Jumat, 04 Februari 2011

nobody's perfect, but...

nobody - nobody - nobody - nobody - nobody - nobody
nobody's perfect, but I'm nobody :)
nobody - nobody - nobody - nobody - nobody - nobody

Seni Rupa Ilustrasi

ini tugas ilustrasi kemaren haha
catnya belepotan, belum begitu ahli pake cat poster
(walau udah pdkt skian bulan :p)

tugasnya sih disuruh bikin ilustrasi tg liburan semester
cuma karna pas liburan teh saya ngga kemana2 jadi malah cerita pas ke palasari sama kakak aku :DD
[kisah nyata]
#haha ngga penting

lets cekidot dan pahami ceritanya

ngerti? :p

created by : katusha levanti
cat : cat poster [merk titi]
(lebih murah (banget) dari sakura tapi bagus kan? :P)
> di merauke harga titi : 1500, sakura : 1XXXX
warna : merah, putih, biru, kuning
koas : gatau lupa pokonya nilon haha

harusnya pake drawing pen, tapi karna ngga ada, jadi pake boxy

Rabu, 02 Februari 2011

My Sister's Keeper

akhirnya dari 5 novel yang aku pilih [di perpus], my sister's keeper-lah pemenangnya
haha apasih ca!

jadi kan buku2 fiksi tuh cuma dibuka hari jum'at, aku manfaatin buat minjem novel
nah, ternyata ada 5 buku bagus yg aku pilih, dan karna cuma boleh minjem 2 novel dalam 1 minggu jadi aku harus milih..
dan my sister's keeper-lah pemenangnya

novelnya keren!
seru - asik - sedih - bagus deh pokoknya

dan setelah aku beres baca novelnya, kata temen aku my sister's keeper tuh ada filmnya..
dan aku download deh skg movienya haha [masih part1 haha]
dan seperti yg kita tau, film sama novel tuh suka beda.
suka lebih nyentuh novel daripada film..

next aku bakal bahas bedanya di film sama di novel :)
saran : baca novelnya dulu deh :)

Senin, 31 Januari 2011

males ..

suatu ketika kita pasti nemuin titik jenuh kita.
jenuh sama sekolah
jenuh sama PR
jenuh sama tugas
jenuh sama hapalan2
#stop ah curcolnya

okay, tutorial atau tips menghilangkan rasa malas bisa [klik disini]
ketika kita mengaplikasikannya dalam kehidupan kita, itu bisa aja ngilangin rasa malas
tapi suatu saat kita bakal nemu titik jenuh kita itu lagi..

udah pada liat kan video mas Danang 'Si Pembuat Jejak'?
[videonya keren!]
dia nulis 101 TARGET dalam hidup dia, dan orang2 disekitarnya hanya menertawainya
sampai suatu ketika 101 TARGET itu hanya tinggal coretan2
awalnya ketika melihat video ini saya sangat termotivasi untuk belajar, untuk semangat
namun si titik jenuh sialan itu pun muncul lagi

seseorang pernah bilang
semuanya harus dimulai dengan tindakan

meskipun itu hanya berupa langkah kecil
tapi sesuatu yang kecil itu dengan kuasa Allah akan menjadi sesuatu yang besar
seperti kata Om Sule [seperti bola salju]
haha jangan tanya aku lagunya gimana atau liriknya gimana, aku cuma ngambil kata bola saljunya doang..
ketika kita memulainya, bola salju itu hanya berupa gumpalan sebesar tangan orang dewasa. namun ketika kita berusaha untuk menggelindingkannya (#bahasa kacau gue keluar haha), bola salju itu bisa seukuran tubuh kamu..
#apasih ca

mungkin kamu ngga ngerti
cuma yg pengen aku sampaikan..
apakah kita selamanya akan malas seperti ini?
apakah selamanya kita akan terbelakang?

ketika kita malas, yang rugi kita sendiri
mungkin saat ini kamu tidak sadar
karna kesenangan itu selalu lebih diakui keberadaannya ketimbang kesengsaraan

mungkin yang aku tulis ini Bullshit ato apalah
tapi aku lagi berusaha..
berusaha menyemangati diriku sendiri
bahwa dengan malas, apa yang aku inginkan dan yang terjadi saat ini akan bertolak belakang dan akhirnya akan menjauh
dan hanya akan menjadi MIMPI

berMIMPI itu memang bagus, motivasi orang bilang
tapi kalo kitanya ngga berusaha mah sama aja boong!
option ada ditangan kamu..
seperti kata Pak Jamal, "kita itu sebenarnya sudah dikaruniai akal untuk tau mana yg baik mana yg buruk, mana yg salah mana yg benar. sayangnya itu tuh ngga diaplikasiin.."
>lebih baik belajar atau ngga belajar?
>lebih baik ngapalin atau ngga ngapalin?
>lebih baik .....

101 TARGET.. Semoga aja bukan cuma tulisan yg ngga akan pernah aku coret..
Bismillah :)

Jumat, 28 Januari 2011

cara belajar :)

hhh udah beres mkan tp gtw mw ngpain. jd ngblog aja ya :)

kdang ska ngrasa bda bgt sma kakak2 aku..
t'katrin jd lulusan trbaik, b.inggris, IPnya 3.5, skg ngajar d sma 3
t'katia masuk 10 seSMAnya, aku liat kimianya 100, trs thn ini dia wisuda, dan stau aq dia IPnya tinggi jga

cara belajar
itu slah satu faktor biar qta dpt nilai bagus
diri km sndri yg plg tw apa yg trbaik bwt km

ini cara blajar aq:
1. merhatiin gurunya, catet wlaupun cma berupa sketsa (baca: coret2n)
2. bca lg sketsa itu (klo bsa berulang2 sampe ngerti)
3. rangkum bku paket kamu d kertas polio yg 1halmannya dibagi jd 3 (ukuran dan bagian sesukamulah :p)
4. bca si polio itu sampe ngerti
5. yg plg penting dan sgt penting : gunakanlah ingatan jangka panjang ketika km menghafalnya (dikira eko : pinjaman jgka pjg haha)
6. tdur jam 8 ato 9, bgn jam 1 ato 2 ato 3 = blajar
7. sblm ulgn : berdoa
8. pas ulgn : berjuang ^^

tips dr saya: sesusah apapun itu soal, jgn nyontek!
wlaupn tmen km smuany pda nyontek, jgn nyontek.
berusahalah, berjuanglah..
sebagus apapun nilai km, kalau d dapetin dr cara 'kotor' ttep aja ngga barokah..
yg MENIPU adalah DUNIA.
Tuhan itu melihatmu, memperhatikanmu..

kalo nilai saya jelek : saya kurang maksimal / soalny susah / plg jelek: makanya belajar! Hahaha :p

btw udah jam 9mlm nih =,=
mmah aq blm plg

jangan marah :)

bismillah :)
sampaikanlah ilmu walau 1 ayat..

tadi siang wkt abis keputrian + eval + mkan siang, kita pda ke perpus..
bnyak bku yg pgn aku pinjem!
baru nyadar 'udah lama bgt aku ngga ke perpus'
udah bnyak novel2 fiksi ey!
dan rak novel fiksi cma dibuka hari jum'at..
- hapalan shalat delisa
pengen baca!
tp udah trlanjur milih bku my sister's keeper..
bnyak bku best seller lainny jga.. cek aja hari jum'at..

#malah curcol
oke teman maafkan saya T_T

tp pas d perpus kta syifa:
ada shabat yg pernah meminta nasehat Rasul.. "ya Rasul berilah kami nasehat"
Rasul bersabda "janganlah engkau marah"
dia pun bertanya lg..
dan Rasul pun kembali bersabda "jgnlah engkau marah"

kirain Kat yg ngga boleh it dendam atau benci.. yg menurut Kat keduanya itu penyakit hati yg harus qta sembuhin..
ternyata marah jga bner2 ngga dianjurkan..

lebih jelasnya mah silahkan tnya mbah google aja ya teman hehe
masih online d hp, PC ppa Kat dipake nonton dvd korea sma kka Kat.. si Kat jga nmanya
(awas bcanya jgn disatuin =,=)

Rabu, 26 Januari 2011

cerita yah :)

haihai :p

aku suka sama diri aku sendiri

alhamdulillah bnyak bgt kjadian2 mengharukan beberapa pekan terakhir ini
#lebay dikit ah

mulai dari roket yg dapet nilai plus
tugas b.ingg dapet A
speech lumayan sukses
trs td presentasi bio sukses

ibu : kalo A itu 9, kalo B 8, . .
vany : kalo A- bu?
aq : amin? #bingung sendiri krna ngga dgr dari awal
ibu : amin tuh sama kaya B+
aq : ooh Aaa min kirain amin! #sambil ngusap muka kya abis do'a
terus pda ketawa deh :p

bpa : ad yg bsa? coba fikirkan, mainkan logikanya
hana : #ngejawab
bpa : jd ini yg 10nya yg dmana? yg l1 keatas atau l2 kebawah? (bkn gni pertanyaanny,cma aq rda lupa) #nnya ke aku
aq : ya yg tadi yg kata hana
#pda ketawa
aq : ih da aq mah blm mikir pa =,=#
#tambah ketawa

ibu : blablabla iya ngga?
aq : iya
ibu : iya mulu kalo ditanya
aq : =,=

akhir2 ini sering ngelamun tiba2, dan karena sering dtg jam stengah7 jd kbagian duduk d dpan mulu..
dan srg kepergok kaga fokus deh =,=

alhamdulillah ey minggu ini indah..
s.rupa = 85 (dr smt 1 s.rupa aq 75 mulu)
agama = bagus deh lupa
ulgn kimia = 76 (bagus itu jo ktanya!)

ol d hp nih, urusan yg mengharuskan saya menggunakan komputer nanti aja ya haha

Selasa, 25 Januari 2011

gitar gitar haha :)

Jung Sungha
dia masih 13 ato 14 tahunan dan udah keliling eropa :3
(gatau umur korea ato umur apa haha #kacau)

Senin, 24 Januari 2011

tentang hari ini :)

"1 langkah kamu mendekat kepada Allah , 1000 langkah DIA akan berlari mendekatimu."

aku suka kalimat itu :)
ngga ada hubungannya dengan hari ini sih haha
banyak yang aku ngga ketahui tentang Islam..
aku muslim? ya aku muslim (bukan muslim ipa 3 ya hehe)
tapi cuma dikit yang aku ketahui tg Islam

dulu aku emang suka baca Qur'an,tapi cuma sekedar baca..
cuma sekedar dihapal
tanpa tau apa yg ada di Qur'an itu..
tapi sekarang setiap habis baca Qur'an aku selalu nyempetin baca artinya..
begitu malu sama sms teman saya ini: (CUT)
baca al-qur'an seperti orang mengeja, tapi kalo baca sms lancarnyaaaa..

malu? YA
harus malu

tuh kan ngga nyambung sma judul!
oke nanti kita cerita ya kawan, ppa aku udah pulang..
nebeng nih onlinenya haha

lets ngerjain pr matematik sampai latihan 7 plus bljar buat ulangan hari jum'at!
hari ini ada jadwal nonton wayang jam 9 di stv
doakan saya paham ya sama dialognya hahahaha

Sabtu, 22 Januari 2011


selalu ada cara
selalu ada alasan
selalu ada peristiwa
selalu ada sesuatu
untuk sejenak aq mengingat dia

entah harus senang atau gembira
#sama aja jo!

konyol bgt, aq prnah brdoa "ya Allah klo emg saya berjodoh dgn X,mka dkatkanlah.jika tidak,mka biarkanlah saya perlahan melupakanny dan sadarkanlah saya karna ada ssorang d masa dpan yg sharusny saya pikirkan"
konyol kan? aq jga ngakak klo nginget itu..

gtw krna setres blajar gtw krna apa.. haha
masih jauh ato jow jodoh mah..
tp ya wallahualam..

tp ya gt..
selalu ada sesuatu yg berhubungan dgn X
tp stelah aq mnganalisis lbh jauh, kyakny emg qta ngga jodoh jow..
sudahlah abaikan

mungkin ini bkan cinta..
lalu apa yg aku rasain slma ini?
mgk obsesi

krna jika memang cinta, psti ada cara, ada langkah, ada sesuatu yg ajaib yg bsa bkin qta lbh dket..

tg sgla sesuatu yg sll brhbgn dgn dia.. setiap hari..
mgk Allah nggak mw aq nglupain org yg udh baik bgt sma aq..
ato mgk aq tll terobsesi, shg apa yg aku liat aku dgr aku perhatikan, aku alamin, semuanya seakan2 brhubungan dg dia..

ya .. mgk saja ini obsesi..

Kamis, 20 Januari 2011

roketku menangis haha

hari ini roketku siap diluncurkan !
supaya terbang tinggi, aq kasih senyuman XDD
#apasih ca.haha

ya gitu.. jadi roket aq kepalany d kasih senyum gt, aq bkin pake spidol item..

pas hilman mw nyobain roketny, trnyta ngga muat..

dan stelah aq selidiki.. botolny dia mirip pny qta!

kita tny hilman "apa yg harus qta lakukan?"
dia mah lg nipisin mulut btolny, trs kita jga ngikutin tp asa ngga ngefek
"palingan d potong inimah" kata hilman

akhirny qta ke kelas minjem cutter...
bisa kepotong dikit,tp lama..

"ke kantin fa!" kta aq.
akhirny minjem pisau aa baso trs trnyta qta mtongny miring..
"sini dipotongin,biar ngga miring" kta si aa baso
akhirny d potonglah dg rapi..

pas qta k lapangan..
anak2 : haha dipotong! ayalah kreatif na mah..

rada hopeless jga sih pas mreka blg kyak gt..

satu.. dua.. tiga..
tinggiiii !
miring tapi haha
dan qta dapet nilai plus !!
yeah \m/

tapi dia jadinya nangis..
foto menyusul haha
msh ngurusin keputrian X)


haha itu kertas folio aku!
[kelas sepuluh]
pas aku buka2 fdnya alfa, ada foto itu
ahaha dijadiin contekan masal XD

#maliq - untitle
with pa cucu :p

Rabu, 19 Januari 2011

ada yg bisa main gitar?

mainkan gitarmu! haha

otak aku lagi sumpek ih..

#depapepe - START
#depapepe - Hi D!!
#depapepe - Slow Sunset
#depapepe - arigatou
#depapepe - kazamidori
#depapepe - fun time
#Yiruma - kiss the rain

maaf ya blog aku makin acak2an
dan sekarang mau di acak2in lagi haha
rencananya mau ganti blog, udahlama sih mikirnya
cuma ngga tau kapan :p

Senin, 17 Januari 2011

merasa bodoh

hhhh aigo~
omo, apa yg aku lakuin?


#np : 2pm - I will give you my life
shinee onew - the name I loved
SHINee - replay
SM The Ballad - Hot Times , Miss you
Yiruma - Kiss The Rain, Sometimes.. someone
Depapepe - START

Omo, sekali lagi postingannya geje =,=#
tak apalah blog saya ini =,=

Minggu, 16 Januari 2011

sms sms :p

Your pet is crying out to see you! Plus get 1000 free coins!

Di email ad message itu cha..
Kasian ih ga d rwat..

hha itu sms dari dia..

crita dri awal ya :D
kan kmaren hp aq mati,trus pas tdi aq nyalain ada 6 sms.dr ratri, vany, alfa, ranti, datin, sama firdy.
nah it sms dri dia haha

aq emg jrg ngsms org,berbahagialah kalian yg dpt sms aq haha
untuk berlangganan ketik REG (spasi) UCHA kirim ke nomor saya.
sms yg anda kirim lsg saya hapus haha :p

back to topic
kita emg suka tukeran fb klo main games.
aq sih maen pet doang, dia mah bnyak =,=
tp smenjak dia udh pny cwe jd ngga aq mainin petny.. :p

oia kagetlah wkt itu pas sblm dia pny cwe kn manggilny 'say', trus mantanny dia lsg nnya2 gt haha
trus kta dia diemin aja :p
haha tp baik kok orgny

oia aq inget, dia pernah bkin aq kaya kepiting rebus.mampuslah malu bgt..
tw yg gemintang2 it kan? yg kayak ramal2n gt,nyuruh ngisi 3 nma cwo..
dan trnyata? datany it d kirim k emailny dia!

1. kcengan d sma
2. mantan pas smp
3. dia

malu bgt =,=

eh aq lg hobi bca ni sms haha :
udah lama ga smsn ama kmu,kangen jga.

ingin kusampaikan.. ku tak hanya sekedar rindu..
(yovie n nuno)
haha apa sih ca XDD

aigoo ~

Sabtu, 15 Januari 2011

I will give you my life

I will give you my life


Jumat, 14 Januari 2011

my blog haha

wah? ngga percaya haha
ada yg search ''
oh my XDDDD

walaupun cuma 1 ya gapapalah, seenggaknya ada yg tau blog aku haha
kirain blog stats aku ada 5ribuan gara-gara salah masuk site alias asal ngeklik :p

dari waktu itu aku liat search keywordnya blog aku paling hongki, ato hatchiko, ato apalah.. wah :)

oh my .. XD

kmaren pas aq trakhir ngsms dia hp aq mati

td pas magrib,plg dri skolah,aq bka hp..

oh my.. XDDD

udh lma ngga posting lwat hp nih XDD

#postingan ngga penting dari org ngga penting XDDD

oh my.. :p


dan sekarang HP aku mati =,=#

Kamis, 13 Januari 2011

lima :)

coba tebak ada berapa angka lima diatas?
haha ngga penting banget sih ca ckck

#np : SM. The Ballad - hot times

Selasa, 11 Januari 2011

Hi ^^

ngga tau apa yang pengen aku tulis

publish aja dulu ya :p

lagi error gara2 ngerjain tugas biologi yaaaang..
baru beres jam stengah 1 malem =,=

oia sem.2 skg belajar flash :D
kalo tahun kmaren ada photoshop tingkat lanjut, tapi krna kayaknya ngga bakal kesampean semua materinya gara2 bentar lagi kelas3nya uas, jadi ajaa...

eh kmaren aku melihat si kecengan 6 digit waktu shalat dhuha!
eh dhuha gt ya? ato pas dzuhur?
ah ngga tau juga hahaha

akhir2 ini lagi pengen nangis mlu, gatau kenapa..

eh aku mimpiin seseorang, udahlama sih..
tapi anehnya asa deja vu, ngga kayak mimpi..
ngerti ngga? :P
haha kayaknya bakal jarang posting nih Januari..
Praktiknya banyak di bulan Januari..

Aigo.. aku belom ngapalin imtaq satu pun XDD
ntar kamis imtaq ngga ya?
mau tes apaan coba? :p
sem.4 juz ama yg pendeknya 17 ayat.. :d

Seul Ong Went on a Blind Date With Jae Kyung Who Did Not Shower For 2 Weeks

2AM Seul Ong revealed, “I have tried my first ever one-on-one blind date.”

Seul Ong were put on an one-on-one blind date at the latest MBC comedy show “First Time In My Life”.

During the blind date between Seul Ong and Rainbow’s Jae Kyung, he looked nervous and said, “This is my first blind date.”

But right after the blind date began Jae Kyung started scratching her back. She said, “We haven’t paid our water bill so I can’t take a shower for two weeks. Please scratch my back.” And left Seul Ong flabbergasted.

On their blind dates, Jo Kwon, Jin Woon, Chang Min each met up with a girl who licked her bowl clean, a girl who peeled a prawn with her hand that she just used to touch her foot, and a girl who cleaned her mouth with a tissue that she just used to clean her nose.

The show will be aired on January 12.

TRANSLATION by suzelle@IAMfor2AM – 2AM International Forum

Senin, 10 Januari 2011

The Most Popular Korean Drama “Playful Kiss ” Tops The List

Korean Entertainment News Wire wonderful pink channel after channel of hot run with the 2010 hit drama “My girlfriend is Gumiho “,”Playful Kiss”and” bad guy”, “Fugitive Plan B, “Dong Yi “, “Sungkyunkwan scandal “,” oh! My Lady “,” Secret Garden “by the majority of Korean TV dramas, and many fans love and pursuit. In this regard, pink screen TV channel carefully planned the “idol 2010Award ” voting. Actively and enthusiastically by fans voting, and finally produced a “Most Popular Drama, “the ranking list. “Playful Kiss, ” topped by 23,097,915 votes in the results list.

Kim Hyun Joong regain topped the list with the audience recognized !! JYJ Hyun Bin need to effort.

As at 14:00 on January 6, 2011, “the most popular Korean drama.
The top three are Playful kiss (No.1) “Prosecuter Princess came in second” “Queen Riversal ” won the third place.One and the second place got more than a million votes. Can be said to throw off a lot of third overall.

“Playful Kiss “,”Prosecuter Princess ” even to the tens of millions of votes! visible “Playful kiss “”,” Prosecuter Princess, ” the popularity of the deep! In addition, the “Secret Garden” , “Sungkyunkwan scandal “,”Mary stayed out all night” the followed by these three Korean drama , although the number of votes is not ideal, but in fact no matter how many votes, each play has its own characteristics and attractions , Are very popular!


English Translation: @leaderhyunjoong via twitter

Lee Hong Ki’s Confession On 100 Points Out of 100

On the show KBS 2TV “100 Points Out of 100″, F.T. Island Hongki revealed that he has a crush on a girl.

During the game “Truth Game”, Supreme Team Simon D ask Hongki if he currently like someone then Hongki said without any hesitation that he currently have a crush on a girl which shocks the people on the show.
But Hongki didn’t reveal the identity of this girl and even drop a questionable answer “She might be here right now, or she might not” and didn’t answer any further questions.
A questionable answer, any guesses guys?

Full Article

Shin Min Ah Rejects Full House 2

There are rumors circulating the internet about the stars who will appear on the second part of the hit drama series of Song Hye Kyo and Bi Rain’s Full House.

Rumor’s said that actress Shin Min Ah, Bigbang T.O.P and Soong Joong Gi will take part on the said series. But just today, the agency of Shin Min Ah broke the rumors and said that they already rejected the offer for Full House 2.
According to Kim Jong Hahk Productions, they are still on the planning stage for Full House 2 and there are still no cast nor scenarios to tape. They even added that they are not sure where this rumors came from as there are still no confirmation who will be on the upcoming drama.
Well, the only thing that fans can do is wait for the confirmation and hope rumors will stop now.


Onew’s Dream is To Win a Gayo Daesang

During an interview with SHINee, when asked what dreams do SHINee have for 2011, Onew replied that its “Daesang” award. Also, another interesting situation was when asked why was SHINee popular in Japan, Key replied honestly “Because we are good”, making fans love and agree on Key’s honesty.

Check out the cute and witty interview here!

Ujian Nasional

Ujian Nasional buat SMA kelas tiga > bulan Maret

kebijakan baru:
- paling lambat @setiap sekolah > Februari udah UAS

penentuan kelulusan:
- 60% Ujian Nasional
- 40% kebijakan sekolah

kebijakan sekolah:
-rapot sem.3 , sem.4 , sem.5 , Ujian Sekolah


semoga target aku kesampean :)

UPI ^^

Kamis, 06 Januari 2011

“The Adam Couple” splits and speaks on their breakup

2AM’s jo Kwon and Ga-In of Brown Eyed Girls (BEG) have been in their fictional marriage for over A year now on the popular show MBC “We Got Married“. Unfortunately, the “Adam couple” are recording their last episode together on the show. The two managed to become the longest-running couple on the reality show.

The couple wrote today to their fans, “Over the last year and three months, we made unforgettable memories, and treated each other with genuine and honest hearts. We think that showed through, and that’s why we earned so much love. We are so happy and thankful that we got to share our memories with all of you guys. ^^ Happy New Year.”

They concluded with, “Please look forward to Ga-In and Jo Kwon’s future plans~^^ Thank you for all the messages you sent through Adam’s me2. We will also end our me2DAY and save it as a memory..^^ Thank you.”

Jo Kwon and Ga-In have been through a lot on the variety show with many tears followed by laughter in their many missions, where they became one of the most beloved couples. How do you feel about this end to their reality show marriage?

Source: Star News and 4-everlastings

Eun Jung Caught in a Humiliating Situation

T-ara’s Eunjung has unveiled four pictures taken during filming of KBS 2TV ‘Dream High.’

Eunjung was put to sleep in the restaurant and in a car, and someone managed to take pictures. The cute images of her were taken by Eunjung’s manager and stylist.

Eunjung is busy promoting with T-ara, end of the year music and film awards, and has a leg injury resulting in minimal sleeping time. Her rough schedules make her very tired, but leave her with no time to sleep.

The humiliating captures of Eunjung were due to her lack of sleep. While she was sleeping, her manager pulled a prank and put a vegetable in front of her face to create laughter.

Meanwhile, T-ara is busy promoting ‘yayaya’ and ‘Why Are You Like This’ along with appearing in ‘Dream High’ which airs every Monday and Tuesday at 21:55.

Written by: TVDAILY

siapa yg udah nonton dream high?
aku baru download episode 1 haha
eun jung tuh yg pernah dikasih permen sama Yoogeun ya?
[SHINee Hello Baby]
*ngga mudah bagi seorang anak kecil berbagi permennya*

bonus picture

Hong Ki vs Simon D

Hong Ki (FT Island) vs Simon D (E-Sens) rebutan biar jadi temen sebangkunya Min (Miss A)
dan ternyata...
haha liat aja sendiri :p
rame kok

itu part 3nya aja, disitu Hong Ki juga bikin grafik tg.kehidupannya
banyak naek turunnya, mari kita liat kapan dia naeknya hahaha ^^v

aku paling suka waktu grafiknya naek-turun tapi dibawah, kata Hong Ki itu waktu FT Island bikin album (2nd, 2.5 album, repackage album, mini album) dan gak ada yang sukses (hahaha oppa jujur banget sih XDD)

terus ada yg nyeletuk : wow aku ngga tau kalian pnya album sebanyak itu
hong ki : ya memang ngga ada orang yg tau kita udah released banyak album

hahaha oppa oppa ckckck

aku baru download yg episode 1 sama 3 doang jadi ngga bisa cerita banyak hehe

bonus video :p

SHINee MAY Be Coming To Singapore During March or April!

There’s another rumour regarding SHINee coming to Singapore is reported again.

Ah Ken, a DJ from FM100.3, hinted that SHINee will be coming to Singapore for concert on around March or April.

There’s a programme called Seoul Kpop which Korean songs will be played. Yesturday was BEAST’s Yoseob birthday, thus, people are allowed to post their birthday wishes on Ah Ken’s Facebook wall and he’ll read it out.

Someone posted a question asking him whether he thinks that will SHINee be holding their concert at Singapore. And this is what he replied:

Er.. 我不能说耶~ 哈哈哈!好啦,我只能说三月多或四月不要花太多钱啦~对啦,就是这样。
(Translation: Er.. I can’t say anything, hahaha! Okay, the only thing i can say is do not spend too much money during around March or April~ That’s all.)

Then Ah Ken played SHINee’s Lucifer. After the song ended, he added:

哇,不知道他们会不会唱这首歌~ 那Hello呢?还有我很喜欢的WOWOWOW呢?在韩国和日本都有唱,新。。啊,总之三月多或四月不要花太多钱就对了啦~ 呵呵。
(Translation: Wow, i wonder if they would sing this song. And how about Hello? And one of my favourite song which is WOWOWOW, would they sing it? They have sang it in Korea and Japan, Sin.. Ah, just don’t spend too much money on March or April~ Hehe.)
[Ah Ken stopped at the word ”Sin”, he may wanted to say ”Singapore” but didn’t because probably he feels that he is hinting too much]

I know all Singaporean fans are now very excited but please do NOT get your hopes too high as NOTHING HAS BEEN COMFIRMED. Especially now that SHINee is debuting in Japan during March, they may not have time to hold another concert. But still, for in case, remember to save up especially during March and April!

SHINee is Chosen as The Best KPop Band of 2010 By Peruvian Netizens

SHINee has been chosen by online users of RPP (Radio Programas del Peru one of the most important news sources in Peru) as the Best K Pop Band of 2010. They competed among bands as Super Junior and JYJ.

The SHINee boys got the first place with 42970 points, the second place was to SS501 with 37740 points, followed by JYJ with 24500 points.

The 4th place was for Super Junior with 23710 points, and finally MBLAQ completes the Top 5 with 22260 points.

The 6th place was for CN Blue with 19400 points, followed closely by FT Island with 18760 points. The last three places went to 2PM (18280), B2ST (9990) and Big Bang (9620).

SHINee is a south korean boyband who made their debut in 2008 under SM Entertainment. Its members are Onew (Lee Jin Ki), Jonghyun, Key, Minho y Taemin. Among their big successes are Juliette, Ai.Mi.Go and Lucifer

Credit: sandy @ SHINee Peru Forums
English Translation: Roxy @ SHINee Peru Forums

Rabu, 05 Januari 2011

“Real School” Teaser Feat. Eli, Dong Ho, & Ki Seop revealed!

The boys of U-Kiss are featured in the latest MBC sitcom Real School

itu cewek yg ndut yg main di playfull kiss kan?
kayaknya rame X)

check out the teaser here!

Lee Hong Ki & Yong Jun Hyung Go on a Date

Hongki and Junhyung have been spending time together this past few weeks..
These new BFF tweet about each other frequently and uploaded some pics

Recently,they updated their journey of riding train together secretly!

Junhyung’s tweet:

Joker891219 긴장되는 이 순간

Translation: A nervous wrecking moment

HongKi's tweet:

skullhong ㅋㅋㅋ나랑준형이지금지하철투어중 급하게산커플목소리 ㅋㅋㅋ아긴장되고무섭다 우린이렇게추억을만든다

Translation: Kekeke, taking a subway tour with junhyung now. Bought couple scarf in a rush, kekeke. Ah, nervous and scary. We create memories like this.

(Hongki delete his twitter status)

Selasa, 04 Januari 2011

[VID] Pianist

KBS Special Drama, Pianist.
Pemain : SHINee Minho, Han Ji-hye

Kenapa Special?
karna cuma 1 episode
drama pertama Minho :)
SHINee Minho & Han Ji-hye KISS? (T^T)
SHINee Minho keren main pianonya X)

part 2
part 3
part 4
part 5
part 6 - END

bonus picture

target Minho untuk acting udah kesampean..
sebelum debut jadi member SHINee, Minho itu Model..
He is good Singer and Rapper
sekarang dia juga MC, VJ, DJ.. apa lagi ya?
pokoknya keren banget XDD

1 fakta : pasti Minho bisa jadi ayah yang baik
[SHINee Hello Baby]

He is The Most Athletic Idol
SHINee Minho: 4517 (41.2%)
SNSD Yoona: 2988 (27.3%)
DBSK Xiah Junsu: 1361 (12.4%)

Senin, 03 Januari 2011

[OFFICIAL] SHINee Messages 110101

Onew: Let’s make 2011 a fun year~! Hahahahahahahahahaha

Jonghyun: Blessings to you in the new year~! Staying healthy is “choigo”!!

Key: Happy New Year! Stay healthy~ Let’s become one this year!

Minho: Blessings to you in the new year~! Be happy and healthy! Choigo~

Taemin: Blessings to you in the new year~! I’ll do my best in my last teen year!! Fighting~!

cr: smtownshinee, shakizi Trans by jujugal flyingdutchgirl *